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Aromik Beauty LLC

“MOISTURIZE” Twist Cream

“MOISTURIZE” Twist Cream

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Introducing our "MOISTURIZE" Twist Cream, a true gem in natural hair care! This Ayurvedic-infused cream is a harmonious blend of natural butters and oils, meticulously infused with a potent combination of herbs like fenugreek, Amla, and Brahmi over weeks. While it's named for twist-outs, its versatility knows no bounds.

This product is your all-in-one solution—a styler with a light hold, a moisture-locking miracle for weeks of protective styling, and a guardian against breakage. Say hello to added shine, incredible softness, and increased length retention. Need a sleek ponytail? "MOISTURIZE" has your back.

At its core are key ingredients like mango butter, known for its deep hydration, and Ayurvedic herbs celebrated for their hair-loving properties. Transform your hair routine with "MOISTURIZE" and unlock the secret to nourished, resilient, and beautifully styled locks. Your hair will thank you!



Light Peppermint Scent

NO Sulfates, Alcohols

PH Balanced

8 oz



Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Brahmi, Fenugreek, Amla, Neem, Mango Butter, Propanediol, Emulsifying Wax, Cetearyl Alcohol (fatty alcohol; seals moisture in and softens, adds slip), Glycerine, Peppermint Oil, Vitamin E, Perservative, Citric Acid



Colors may vary due to natural ingredients. This is a thicker cream so only apply when needed. Always do a patch test

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